Today I made an appointment with a good friend and he appeared a little earlier than I expected. Or maybe I haven't prepared myself yet so that I can open the door lightly clothed for him ?! Hihi .. Anyway, I didn't know what his reaction would be like if I asked him in with just a shirt. I haven't had sex in a long time and it's all in my head! He just has to fuck me, I can't take this lust any longer. So I gather all my courage and say what I need now, what I long for .. And he seems to like the suggestion very much. Now my new dining table can still be inaugurated. Kisses, Maja

For me that was a really \ step today - so forgive me if I lost my voice a little bit today ... In the past few weeks you have made me really happy with your positive reactions. I know, I repeat myself, but: I never expected that! Thank you to everyone who has so much patience with me and would like to continue accompanying me *. * In the meantime, I'm slowly getting an idea of what I can do with just a look at some of you. Although I am blinking through the cam, it seems to please you and makes me embarrassed with all your nice words .. It happens to me in front of you in the cam that someone speaks to me about something that must have happened subconsciously and he spoke to him - I still have absolutely no control over it. Today I would like to finally change that a little bit, I consciously try (myself) to look at you, to cast a spell on me and even have a "spinning partner" for it : D Who is the sweeter seduction, Lolli or me? ^ ^.

A blind date with a user? I never thought ... that's not my thing! After a few messages with him I got kind of curious and we made a date in a hotel :-p I have to confess I was extremely excited because I didn't know what to expect. But what I did know is that he has a huge cock. After a short greeting, it actually went straight to the point and the big cock was immediately confirmed! Fuck was a hard and horny fuck in all possible positions ... just like I like it! By far the hottest was the monster cum load that he spread over my face ... I think I was never inseminated so blatantly!

Well, the title says it all, it didn't pass the loyalty test. I knew he couldn't resist me in my hot wet look leggings and this very tight top. He had fought really hard against greed but lost. Finally his cock belongs to me, his girlfriend has nothing on it anyway, at least he often told me that. But that later my friend showed up while I sucked his cock, I didn't expect that. UPS! Fortunately, he was not pissed off, on the contrary, he even wanted to join in. YEAH 2 horny cocks for me!

After my call, for a user who wants to make a few films with me, I finally found someone who would shoot my very first film with me. I was so nervous and excited, after all it's my very first sex, BEFORE THE CAMERA! Blatant that I finally dare something like that. It was indescribable, I will definitely do it more often. Are you next ?? : - *

I met the mdh user shoko loco to fuck. His biggest wish is to get started in the amateur porn industry so I want to test whether he can get it for me. He is violently on my plump XXXL ass and we got on very well straight away. So I just invited him to my house and picked him up from the bus stop in a sexy leggings outfit. In my home, it's straight to the point. When I pose for him in my leggings, he stands like a 1 and I blow his hot cock until he finally fucks me doggy without rubber. I haven't had so much fun with a user for a long time. He really makes me so horny that I ride him backwards and then forwards until I reach the climax. Wow it looks awesome, I got goose bumps and got wet when I watched the video. Shortly before he squirts, I massage his prostate so that it becomes even more intense for him. Suddenly it spurts out of him directly into my face! Wow na that was a great meeting and who knows, maybe I will shoot with him more often now.

Boah was the PERVERS and HARDCORE without end! When the little perverse wanker stood in front of me, he was ready for his perverse XXXL piss load. He knelt in front of me and I pissed on it. An endlessly horny piss jet came out of my cunt. I pissed him up and down, made short breaks so that he could swallow and continued to piss. After he licked my piss cunt clean, he was allowed to fuck me. Oh yes, just put the hard cock in the soaking wet piss cunt. He fucked me really hard and then put the fuck in my ass. And when he fucked me violently, it happened. A mega squirt came out of my cunt while the cock was in the ass. Oh yeah and shortly afterwards the fucker exploded with lust and sprayed. Would you swallow well, then you can fuck me ...?!

You come from work, take a shower and I expect you in a hint of nothing - a cool collar and super sexy high heels - exactly your thing ... do you want to go to sleep? No, after a look at my sexy body with the hot collar, what you like so much, your cock is already really hard and wants to sink it into my willign pussy again ... horny I suck your hard cock and ask you you up to fuck me ... i love to seduce you and get me what i need ...

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