Oh my god - what a violent throating that was? My boss has divided me for two weeks for cleaning with certain additional tasks. Since I'm a busy bee, I do of course what I was hired for! So on your knees, there would be something to suck clean! You can not imagine how much cum I had in my mouth, it was just too much to swallow!

I got up this morning and wanted to go jogging in the forest again! There is very little going on and I only meet two people on the way to the lookout tower. Once there, I take a break to smoke one. But what do I see back there? It is a young woman who comes straight to me! When I got there, she spoke to me immediately and asked me if she could have a tipper. I give her one and we start talking. After a while I want to go home again, but she doesn't seem to like it and persuades me to stay a little longer. And already she just crouched in front of me and starts to suck my cock! Am I dreaming about this? Something like that only happens in the movie! But it feels mega good how she pampers my glans with her tongue and pushes it deep into her throat! After a short time she also wants me to fuck her, of course I don't say no to that! I've never met such a spontaneous and horny woman! Her pussy is sensationally tight and I quickly squirt what seems to please her! I really didn't expect something like this this morning!

It makes you extremely horny when I make you hot with shiny black lingerie? I put on an extremely hot black wetlook jumpsuit and lie on the bed with my sexy vinyl heels and play with my pussy when you come into the room ... I see how hard your horny cock grins at me ... a real magnificence- Copy ... I kneel in front of you to take it deep in my mouth ... rub it horny between my big, plump tits and make it more and more horny ... you want to push it in? Let me spread my legs for you and you fuck naked in my hot hole ... because you have been looking forward to my hot outfit all day, your cock can not hold the fuck juice long and try to still face me inject, unfortunately fails in the position - nevertheless you jerk me really hard and the cream is spread all over my body ... really cool !!

Oh, did he really make me pregnant now? —- Finally he came to visit me again. I was already waiting for him in a great new body that I had got myself specially for this evening. This body is simply awesome! Even the sight of me in the mega tight body gave him a fat bump in his pants! That's exactly what I wanted too! Then I opened my zipper and sat on his plump, long cock. Mmh, I wanted to feel it just as deep inside of me! I rode horny on him until he wanted to fuck me from behind. THAT was just awesome! We tried another position - and then he just splashed into me. Very deep that it didn't come out at first. Oh dear, I completely forgot to put a condom on him ... I hope he didn't get me pregnant now ... Have fun with the video and I'm very happy about your review! Kiss, Sarah: *

Oh man, I somehow can't believe it ... Actually, I thought I was home alone and I could take a bath for a while. Before going to the shower I wanted to make a new video for you, after which I have been so sick for the past few days and could not do anything .. So I quickly cleaned up my room - because of you, I am doing it pretty well now regularly ^. ^ - and then bravely put myself in front of the camera. I also turned on music, which somehow always helps me a little, not being so excited .. And then I dance a little bit to myself again - and first take off my cardigan. I'm really nervous about rock, but I just keep going until I actually stand in front of you in my pantyhose ... To be honest, I wasn't really sure if I wanted to show more of myself. But then I gave myself a jerk and I opened my bra! Well, and then - then suddenly my dad's boy bursts into the room because he wants to clean the oven and just like I thought he was home alone ...

Recently there was a call that I am looking for a user to shoot new videos. Now I have found what I was looking for and I could hardly wait for the first date with him. It was very nervous. I would have thought that he was also so nervous and that we would get to know each other first, but the chemistry worked so well because we had already written a lot with each other beforehand that we simply started fucking AO. I really didn't expect that ... Do you think it would fit between us?

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