"I hope that does not feel like the second time be deflowered" :) What I'm talking about a nonsense in the video :) I really noticed only after watching it :) Well, I was just super nervous at the sight of this A lot, because you also know that I'm very tight and not so flexible. What do you think ... Will I get this huge part in my tight pussy?

Hey, I'm Larissa, I just turned 18 and this is my first video ever. I have already made several times today to do that, but then I did not dare and broke off again. I first tried to pick up the phone, but my hand was so shaky it would probably have been a very shaky affair, hehe. Oh man, I'm probably already thinking too much, but I just want you to like my videos and stuff like that and this is the first time I've been filming and having experience, not really, but really I just wanted to give it a try! So I upload that now, before I change my mind! Wish you a wonderful evening :)

Oh my God! What are you doing with me :) You know who is meant, you have sent me the butt plug and asked me to do something anal. I have never done that, but I want to try something new, so I dared !!! And yes, I have to say, it was really cool! Never thought that even the big ball of the plug fits in my tight ass, but TADAAAAAA :) I really hope you like it! Looking forward to your next great idea :)

Actually, I shoot only solo videos but the last video shoot, I could not help it, because I'm just a woman with normal needs, which in between times quite uncomplicated fucked! Especially unplanned, it then works more often than you think and I can tell you I have more than enjoyed the tail in my pussy to feel, only in a hurry I forgot the rubber, do you think that's all good? But apart from that, it has done extremely well to get such an orgasm, the hottest was still the mega creampie at the end, I had my cunt is not so full of sperm, it drips really cool out !! Look at it directly yourself and then please think of my rating if you liked my dear !! But now have fun with my fuck video

NEW !! NEW !! .... My first interactive video !!! You all determined MIT how to punish me Baúer Hubert, (namely, I had sold out at his corn field :) :) but see for yourself what happened GEILES! You decide virtually interactive at the END through your commentary with A, B or C what you want to see in NATURE-GEIL-2 everything. ¨ * ¤.¸¸.¤ * ¨¨ * ¤.¸¸.¤ * ¨¨ * ¤.¸PS: ***** IMPORTANT for the MDH "Autumn Video Competition" ***** is also yours again EVALUATION - Please give me 10 asterisk Winner is determined by the most top ratings !!! THANK YOU, kisses Andrea