Hello sweetheart, sorry that you haven't heard from me in so long! I experimented a little and I still don't really know what to think about the result! :) I'm looking forward to your opinion! In any case, this is the reason why I wear a hat while you hopefully play nice "bald hat" :) The video is a premiere for me! The first time DEDO PURO :) I hope you like it.

I was so often asked if I can not even make a pee-video! Well I did it :) It was clear! You want something and I try to fulfill it. I filmed myself for a few days doing pee and trying to get some variety in it. Sometimes in the shower, sometimes squatting on the toilet ... which do you like best? I'm looking forward to your comment. That was and is completely new territory for me!

Hey you, you've already seen, what different ways I make it myself! What I have not shown you yet is how I do it myself privately, when no one is watching! What do I enjoy most, how do I get the most and fastest ?! Yes, you will see it here soon! I hope you like it! I also experimented with a few new camera angles to get even closer ... I look forward to your feedback and what you think of it!

"I hope that does not feel like the second time be deflowered" :) What I'm talking about a nonsense in the video :) I really noticed only after watching it :) Well, I was just super nervous at the sight of this A lot, because you also know that I'm very tight and not so flexible. What do you think ... Will I get this huge part in my tight pussy?

Oh my God! What are you doing with me :) You know who is meant, you have sent me the butt plug and asked me to do something anal. I have never done that, but I want to try something new, so I dared !!! And yes, I have to say, it was really cool! Never thought that even the big ball of the plug fits in my tight ass, but TADAAAAAA :) I really hope you like it! Looking forward to your next great idea :)

How do you come up with ideas like that? But whoever challenges me should get it! HOW MANY MAKE-UP BRUSHES FIT IN YOUR LITTLE PUSSY? YES, I'll probably answer this question then in this video :) You probably believed I'm afraid of back, because you were wrong :) I hope you like the video and all the others who have always wondered what girls make if they have no toys on hand :)

I never thought that I would loose so fast, but the first few times before the cam with you have surprised me really positive and megaaaa a lot of fun! And last but not least, it just makes me superhot when I see how much you like it! So I've thought synonymous with the video, as you have your cock in his hand and accompany me with rhythmic movements of your hand undressing :) I'm happy about your hot comment.