Today is the perfect day for sports, I put on my leggings, the matching sports bra and running shoes. After I was jogging, I always do my stretching exercises at home. But today I was so by the wind that I forgot to properly close my apartment door. Oh, you do not even believe what happened then ... I've never experienced anything like that. But it was so exciting and completely new to me ... I felt like in a movie.

I'm so excited, it starts immediately. I'm already very curious in my bedroom, because he comes in suddenly. I notice how I get insecure ... Should I really do that? What if I do something wrong? Oh no, now I'm even more nervous than at the beginning! He stands so expectantly in front of me and looks at me, it would be kind of embarrassing to send him away, so I start slowly to move and realize that I enjoy seeing how much it excites him. I take off my dress, the excitement gets bigger and I smile embarrassed. Then it happens ...

Oh man!!! I thought I was too late, but then he came up behind me ... He was so nervous and tense that I would never have believed what would happen in the next few minutes, if someone told me about it! I got into his car and wanted to give him a very special surprise! I knew that he had a very special liking, but he was never allowed to do it with a girl !! Hmm, what would he say when he first came with me ...... ??? That he then but soooooooo .... Uff I really did not expect of him !! Really a surprise ......... What a cool date !!!!

I'm really happy ... Immediately a friend from my university comes by and we want to learn together. Ouhii ... I'm so nervous. Ever since my first day at university I've wanted to meet him, but I just did not dare to ask. This morning, however, he came to me and just addressed me ... Oh God, I'm so happy and excited at the same time. I do not know if he really just wants to learn or if more will happen then. So somehow that would not be so bad ... or ... We'll see each other at the university every day. Oh God, I did not think of that ... I do not know, actually I want it too ... I do not know, actually I want it too ... There it rings already at the door. When we sit on the couch, suddenly everything is completely different than expected!

I'm with the guy on the way home, because I'm kind of lust to suck his cock. So we stop spontaneously and get out of the car .. I just wanted to unpack his cock, because he asks me if I can deepthroat ... "But, okay, no problem for me," I said. Then I unpacked his cock and he got hard and long, then even longer and bigger! But promised is promised, because I think Deepthroaten very very cool! But with the Risenprügel the air was gone, be sure: D

Slowly you should know me, I am the master of the manipulations. I love to be mean and if I want something I'll take it !! For a long time I play with the idea to get pregnant, but since I am single and my Fickbeziehung has no LUst on children, I had to come up with something different. We once again had a date, after I told him that I want to let him impregnate me, he insisted I fuck only with rubber. What a bore. But I'm prepared for everything, just before he comes I'm manipulating the condom, beautiful broken so that all his cum really deep in my pussy ends up. His horrified look when he realizes that something is wrong with the condom is golden. hahah I would say my plan has worked ..

My buddies were sitting around bored after an exciting first half. Wait 15 minutes until it continues. So I thought to sweeten the waiting time a little bit! With my Fickstiefeln and leather miniature I stood in front of them and immediately all 4 were in front of me and unpacked their tails, which I sucked off in turn. Then my pussy was off and one by one fucked my verhurtes bitch hole, while I had a new cock in my fickmaul again and again. They zerfickten me until one after the other squirts. Shall I also sweeten the half-time break for you? Bang