Today I made an appointment with a good friend and he appeared a little earlier than I expected. Or maybe I haven't prepared myself yet so that I can open the door lightly clothed for him ?! Hihi .. Anyway, I didn't know what his reaction would be like if I asked him in with just a shirt. I haven't had sex in a long time and it's all in my head! He just has to fuck me, I can't take this lust any longer. So I gather all my courage and say what I need now, what I long for .. And he seems to like the suggestion very much. Now my new dining table can still be inaugurated. Kisses, Maja

When shopping you don't get horny maybe you think but I can assure you that it was the case with me! When I got to the vegetables and saw this perfect big cucumber, I knew immediately that I had to feel it inside me! Then I quickly put bananas in my shopping basket and I got really wet that I was already leaking. When I was lying in bed alone, I thought about the cucumber again, so quickly get my “toy”, turn on the camera for yourself and off you go. My tight teen pussy almost tears but I just can't help it, I have to feel this thick horny cucumber in my cunt! I was always told that you don't play with food but I was always a little indecent girl hihi;) Kisses, Maja

Finally weekend and I lie down relaxed on the sofa. Suddenly my roommate is standing in the living room. I do not know exactly why but I have an idea and I would really like to shop again, only I currently lack the money. So I make a bet with my roommate. If I win the next game he'll go shopping with me, of course at his own expense .. if I lose he can fuck me! Well, what can I say? It was very close but I lost and betting debts are honor debts, so he can go .. But the thought during the game also excited me so much that I might have lost on purpose, hehe. But I also want to be fair and that's why I try hard: blow, ride, doggy! N / A? Would you like to place a bet with me too? ;)

For a few weeks now I've been writing with a man about a dating app and our hot chats already gave me one or two orgasms. And now we just couldn't help it anymore, we finally had to meet! It doesn't work for him because he has a girlfriend at home and my roommate still lives with me. So a solution has to be found quickly and we just meet outside on a street with little traffic. I realize I'm going to have my very first outdoor experience. I'm totally nervous, what if someone catches us? This thrill is incredible and I'm getting awesome like never before! My tension drops a little and I start to spoil him slowly .. Where do you want to spray? Would you have made an appointment with me too? Kisses, Maja: *

Santa actually came to visit me today. I can tell you, I was as nervous as I was then, only that today I wanted something completely different. Like every year, I was such a good girl that I definitely deserved presents. But I don't want flakes this year, I want Santa's cream! And preferably everywhere! So dear good Santa, don't look at me so badly. Unpack your rod! And fuck me! Oh yes and spray me full, because I'm horny for sperm, hehe .. Merry Christmas: *

I was invited on a birthday and we got so much to drink there that I suddenly had to pee urgently. I could not have waited a minute longer, otherwise I would have peed in hihi. It was just stupid, that there was only one toilet and it was still occupied. Of course, had to come so. Even after calling and knocking, there was no reaction. Okay, then a solution must be found quickly, otherwise the pants will get wet. So I run out quickly, squat down and just let it run. At last this pressure is gone, which is a relief .. :)

The tensioner thought probably I do not notice him .. But as soon as I went in the sauna, I noticed his eyes on me. And it made me so unbelievable that I immediately began to stroke my little pussy. The very thought that I have missed him a bump in the pants, mhhh. Oh my god, I was already wet. I just wanted to relax in the sauna, if you know what I mean hihi. Since the tensioner came to me just right .. I could only think about how it might be to make him happy so I demanded my cock on me to fuck. But just see what happened! Would you have also covered me? Kisses, Maja

Oh no, not that! I just woke up too late today, and today I have my first day at work on my new job. And then I also feel pure pleasure when suddenly my best friend is unexpectedly in front of the door. What am I doing now? I'm already so late anyway. Am I reasonable now and hurry up so I'm not late on my first day at work, or am I quickly letting myself in on a quickie? I can not think about it for long and it just happens like that. Right on the floor, I let myself go through very quickly and really nice. What does my new boss say about the reason for my delay? And hopefully I can keep the job!

Today a gift arrived for me, my first vibrator. When I unpacked him, I was already very excited and could only think about how it feels to feel him deep inside me and especially how awesome it will be to make him vibrate in me. I just could not wait any longer, ran to the bedroom, threw my camera on and made myself comfortable on my bed. The vibrator feels so damn good and when I imagine then that you watch me and your eyes are on my naked body .. Mmmh. But just look for yourself how much I liked it :) My very special thanks go to YOU, who has given me this very intense and lustful toy! Kisses, Maja

After the last time blowjob, I could not think of anything else. I just had to write to him and I did not realize how fast he was already in my bedroom. I had not had sex for so long and I have never filmed myself. I was so nervous but I tried not to show it. Quickly I showed him that this time a blowjob is not enough - I WANT MORE! And then it happens .. this incredible feeling when he finally penetrates me! Madness..