Hi there, I dared and made a small fine video of how I take off my clothes for the first time in front of you and a friend holding the camera. So two premieres at once haha. It is exciting to see yourself on a video and maybe you can imagine how I take off my clothes on the couch. A little awkward, not super sexy, but with a lot of charm. I hope you like it and maybe we'll be shooting together really soon. You see your Jessii

Oh man, I somehow can't believe it ... Actually, I thought I was home alone and I could take a bath for a while. Before going to the shower I wanted to make a new video for you, after which I have been so sick for the past few days and could not do anything .. So I quickly cleaned up my room - because of you, I am doing it pretty well now regularly ^. ^ - and then bravely put myself in front of the camera. I also turned on music, which somehow always helps me a little, not being so excited .. And then I dance a little bit to myself again - and first take off my cardigan. I'm really nervous about rock, but I just keep going until I actually stand in front of you in my pantyhose ... To be honest, I wasn't really sure if I wanted to show more of myself. But then I gave myself a jerk and I opened my bra! Well, and then - then suddenly my dad's boy bursts into the room because he wants to clean the oven and just like I thought he was home alone ...

OMG I can hardly believe that I dared to do it so quickly! I made myself completely naked for you and show you everything about me! I was so excited and nervous and didn't really know what to do in front of the camera! I definitely hope that you will find my real tits, my cany bottom and my tight pussy horny. I would appreciate your feedback. Just write me how you liked it!

Yesterday my first PoleDance pole arrived and everyone in the shared apartment was very happy, hihii ... understandable, who doesn't want to have a Pole in the middle of the living room? But as my roommates look at me so full of expectation, I suddenly get nervous. Oh dear, I even feel a little fear rising within me, I don't want to make a fool of myself or even embarrass myself in front of my roommates ... They have such high expectations and yes I have dreamed of doing pole dance for ages and yes I do was a cheerleader so I should be able to do it somehow ... I think? I hope! At the same time, I can't wait to get started. It excites me so much ... and then, my first movements and how it gets really hot, one of my roommates disappears, but it doesn't matter! Now there is only you and me ... ready for another private dance with a happy ending?

Wow, that I will loose so fast and drop the first covers only after a few days for you, I would not have thought, but your great news and the positive feedback has encouraged me, so I dare now unpack my extra large DD natural breasts! I also dare to talk a bit hot and have imagined when undressing, as you unpack your cock out of his pants and stroking him. Then I spit my breasts nice and eingesaut with oil ... too bad that you could not be there live, but I hope you liked it anyway. Should I go further? Write it in the comments.

Aaaaaaaaaah. I did it. I still can not believe it,. that I really uploaded this. Somehow the thought makes me pretty, but at the same time it is also a strange feeling;) Please do not be so strict with me, because I'm not one of the other professionals here. I appreciate your feedback, so write me a note on how you liked it. Smooch, your Anna

I have turned off my second video and must honestly say that I was still pretty nervous and at the beginning I was not sure if I should upload the video. I was about to delete the video but I thought I just upload it ... I'm really excited because I've never done anything like this before. But I finally got married and gave you some nice insights and I'm really excited about what you'll think of it and if you want to see more of me. I wish you much fun with the video: *