Hey, I'm Larissa, I just turned 18 and this is my first video ever. I have already made several times today to do that, but then I did not dare and broke off again. I first tried to pick up the phone, but my hand was so shaky it would probably have been a very shaky affair, hehe. Oh man, I'm probably already thinking too much, but I just want you to like my videos and stuff like that and this is the first time I've been filming and having experience, not really, but really I just wanted to give it a try! So I upload that now, before I change my mind! Wish you a wonderful evening :)

Oh my God! I think I've never been so excited in my life !! I got up earlier today so I can do that before everyone is awake. I think if I had heard the others, I would not have dared otherwise. I did not even do that often, because I feel a little bit embarrassed and every time I'm very scared to get caught. Actually, I did not want to undress completely, but when I sit on my bed and my breasts in my hands, I realize how I'm a little braver. Carefully, I open my bra. I lie down and there it happens! As a matter of course I strip my underwear and suddenly lie VERY NAKED! I'm so excited, all kinds of thoughts are spinning in my head, but somehow it feels really good in a weird way, so I just keep going.

My new video was a bit late ... I just did not dare to make a video in my flat because someone is always there and I was too scared to get caught. In the evening I stand in the kitchen. Everyone else is in the living room watching a horror movie. As I am standing there I am torn ... In the kitchen is actually really stupid, because there anytime someone can come in, but also my room has no key. I have my cell phone with me and I have to think for a long time, if I should really trust myself now. Before I can change my mind is the phone on and my T-shirt off. I always hear strange crackling noises, but I can not see anyone. After a short while the courage leaves me, also because the sounds sound like someone is standing on the creaking place in front of the kitchen door. That's kind of scary! And what should I say if someone really stands there? That I dumped milk all over my stuff and that's why I'm lying here in the corner now while I'm trying to rub my hands dry? They never believe me! Oh no ... I hope there was nobody there ...

After listening to strange things in my second video, it turned out that one of my flatmates was there. He could imagine what I'm doing and well, that's what I was talking about. I was of course totally embarrassed and tried to talk me out, but he just did not let up and said I should give him a blowjob. I told him that I have never done that and I do not dare. However, he opened his belt, but stopped and told me to upload all the movies and upload and yes there we are now hehe. I can not believe that I really did that.