1st time with a new partner! Part 1 - XXL tail too big?! (AmelieLei)


That was perhaps a bit sneaky of me. When I heard in the university of the rumor, a student had a killer tail, I was very curious if that's true. So I asked him if we do not even want to go to the movies together. Yeah .. he agreed of course! I got even more excited, because I've never had a really big cock. When we came home from the cinema and sat down on the coach, I already moved out with my language and confessed. "Do not you want to show it to me?" Puuuh ... I open his pants, pull them down and he looks out of the pants! You were right! Wow, what a device. I'm a little scared, if I can handle it at all? Such a sword for my throat Oo But just see for yourself!

Starring: AmelieLei
Categories: Big Dick, Deep Throat, Teens
Length: 7:27
Type: FLV


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