When I'm shopping with a friend, she bets with me whether I would go into the locker room with the hot guy she just discovered and blow his cock. I'm not going to be told that twice! The bet applies. A bit nervous but totally sure of victory, I go up to him and ask him if he doesn't want to come into the locker room with me and have some fun. Of course he agrees! Yes! Arrived in the locker room, I do not torch long and dedicate myself to his cock! I blow him hard when my girlfriend suddenly opens the curtain. Well, we didn't bet like that, but where it is already there. Oh my god, the first time with a woman and a man and then in the locker room! We were almost caught too ... but just kept going. Everyone knew what was going on in the locker room: D But that's not all! With a good load on our faces, we go to a drugstore, where the seller serves us very cautiously. (Spermawalk: shortened to 1 minute) It was soooooo cool and damn funny! Mega horny action, how do you like it ??

When I was in Cyprus for a few days, I was looking forward to a short trip to a waterfall, which should be a little out of the way. "Something" was good .. we somehow got lost and when the internet went on strike I had to calm my nerves. Since we were in the middle of nowhere anyway, I thought, why not just get out and have some fun? Maybe a portion of sperm will give us new insights ?! At least it helps to calm down, doesn't it? : P

Phew, that was a night yesterday! I wake up, but I'm not at home and not alone in bed. I'm lying in the bed of a hot guy from last night, I tore into a club. The blanket covers him only partially and my eyes fall on his tail, which has almost its full size. Ui .. Round No. 2? I'm ready .. I just disappear quickly in the bathroom, make me fresh, throw my camera and go back to his room. He still knows nothing! I stare at his latte .. yammy .. now I'll treat myself first breakfast! And may there be dessert for breakfast? Please please! I want cum in my face !! Oops, I probably said that too loud .. that was fully in the eye hehe

Holy shit! I really did not expect such a device !! He was definitely too big for my throat. There is still need for exercise. Whether this morning will probably give a sore throat? : D But that was not all, because my pussy is already quite wet and I'm really excited and horny anyway to feel his XXL cock in my pussy! Oh yes! This feels good, my pussy is completely filled! And when he takes me doggy on the sofa, he really gives gas and his cock zerfickt me !! In the end, I look forward to my load in the face, whether that is probably so XXL?

My roommate just can not leave it! When I am doing yoga outside on the balcony and want to change my position, I suddenly see him sitting behind me! What a tensioner! Has he probably spied on in there again and has become horny ... well, such a small interruption will certainly do me well, after all, I'm doing so well at my expense, but this time not 100%. Because unfortunately the fun is over faster than I like me while I ride him ... and apparently he has forgotten completely that I did not even prevent! Oops ... but that should be alright! You can not get pregnant just before the period, right?

That was perhaps a bit sneaky of me. When I heard in the university of the rumor, a student had a killer tail, I was very curious if that's true. So I asked him if we do not even want to go to the movies together. Yeah .. he agreed of course! I got even more excited, because I've never had a really big cock. When we came home from the cinema and sat down on the coach, I already moved out with my language and confessed. "Do not you want to show it to me?" Puuuh ... I open his pants, pull them down and he looks out of the pants! You were right! Wow, what a device. I'm a little scared, if I can handle it at all? Such a sword for my throat Oo But just see for yourself!

Now the time has come!! My Portuguese exchange student had a long day and I thought I would give him a little surprise. So he shuts off something and comes to other thoughts. I think that I succeeded very well! While crouching comfortably in the armchair, I kneel down in front of him and devote my attention to his best piece! I love to blow his cock, lick his balls and finally make him explode! Do you have a surprise for me? May I swallow?

You wait patiently in the bedroom for me, because I want to present you my new lingerie. Nervous and full of expectation, what you will say, I come to you. I present you my body and wonder how I like you? Could you bite me or would you like to push me off the edge of the bed? Tempting with my two pigtails, I may seem like a good schoolgirl, but there is much more slumbering in me. Do you want to know how dirty I am? Of course you want that! That's why you lie well under me, while I sit down on you and ride you passionately! I can hardly believe that I have really released this video, because I let myself go really and so explode so much, while he takes me from behind and I stimulate my clit. Oh God, is this really going to go online? I've been with me for a long time, but well .. you know how my decision went out and here it is! Sorry, but orgasm faces are not always nice: D I hope you have at least as much fun as me! I'm looking forward to your comment :*

Sometimes I am so lost in thought that I turn off the outside world and am completely in my fantasy world. So today .. in my imagination there were two men next to me ... I may blow while I feel another cock in my pussy! This idea made me very hot !! Enough dreamed so, dildo caught and placed on the bed .. but this time I turn my camera and you may be close to it, as I satisfy myself. The certainty that someone else will see this made me very nervous on the one hand, but at the same time it törnte me even more, so that I could not hold my orgasm back .. are you coming with me? : * I'm really looking forward to your opinion :)

Oh my god, I'm excited! I walk by my bed all day, playing with the thought of what it would be like to kneel on my bed, turn on my camera and see how far I would go on my first visit. I start my playlist and suddenly this song comes, I start to dance and finally get over it. Now I'm getting more and more excited ... "Should I really?" I wonder, as I slowly start to undress. When I arrive at my underwear, I hesitate for a moment, but finally the last covers fall as well. Happy to have married me, I'll show you the first time TOTALLY NAKED! How do you like it?