User meeting with Italian Sandro on the casting couch Oops, Pronto did that! Hard + fast! (Daynia)

I invited to user meetings a few weeks ago and user Sandro also registered there. I was really looking forward to him, because I've never had an Italian. He was at a fucking meeting for the very first time and immediately got started. Things got tough and fast. He rammed his fiery cock into my fuck face until the drool ran out. And when he fucked me through, he rammed me through so hard and violently, that was really great. But what happened then, I actually didn't expect that and came completely unexpectedly. But for his first time Sandro has fucked me really cool. Will you be on the couch with me next time too?

Starring: Daynia
Categories: Deep Throat, Extreme Hardcore, Latex/Leather
Length: 7:19
Type: FLV


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