Game console is more important than me but we fuck in dress and boots (SkinnyBitch99)

I drove home from a long working day, I was looking forward to a great evening with my ex-boyfriend at the time. I knew that he had been home for a long time, so I hoped that he might want to surprise me, unfortunately I had to then notice that not even the kitchen was made. There was no food and he showed no interest. I was so greedy for a hot fuck but he didn't even pay attention to me. I make some food for us and thought we would watch some film together now, but he didn't even eat with me, he just ate alone while playing. He said to me that you wanted to come over after the meal I was waiting eagerly after 1 hour still didn't come I was dressed in something nice and thought that I could seduce him but he just wanted to gamble with his friends all the time when I was him the tail bubbles and this gets harder suddenly lust. I know he wants to fuck me when I have boots on. He was rough because he wanted to pull and wixxte me full ... see your Melina yourself

Starring: SkinnyBitch99
Categories: Blondes, Role play, Teens
Length: 8:51
Type: FLV


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