Service with additional service (JuleStern)

Since my boss, the old miser, paid me so badly, I had to look for a side job. I thought, because I'm just on the side as a housekeeper and maid. I noticed an advertisement in our local newspaper. I was only skeptical, but also curious, as there was 'service with additional service'. What will these additional services be? Oh no, I'll just take a look. And now I'm standing here, equipped with various cleaning utensils and then pushes me this ad writer something in the hand. Oh, so the wind blows! Well, become curious about what these benefits look like? Then watch my video quickly and find out;). About a positive review and a nice comment below the video, I would be very happy. tits

Starring: JuleStern
Categories: Blondes, Deep Throat, POV
Length: 8:45
Type: FLV


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