Would you have dared too ???? my first time skiing, of course I had to take a ski examiner! it was so much fun that I wanted to show myself to him immediately! But where? in the middle of the mountain? and crowds everywhere ?! what do you think where i gave him his reward ??? I had the hottest public experience of my life! High above the mountains !!!! Please don't forget the star rating for more awesome videos from me :) Kiss your Hanna: *

My last video for 2019! Since I thought I'll show you how it goes with me backstage. My video, which goes online on January 1st, 2020, also fits. "So you will be my turning partner ...". Nevertheless, I was unsure whether I should upload this video like this, but if you want to shoot with me, you should also know how I feel. Of course I will shoot with you without socks;) (haha) I am looking forward to your application and also thank you for the many votes that you give me for choosing the Amateur of the Year 2019. I wish you a happy new year 2020.

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