My girlfriend wants me to spy on her guy and check him out, if he is a naughty stranger. "It's enough for me, if he wants to kiss you, then I know," she said to me. I should take that on camera. Alright! So I have no problem .. she has forgotten only a small detail .... I am super horny and keen on her guy !!!!

I recently visited a friend unannounced, was there just her math coach Professor with her. What a cute guy! I wanted to claw me too. After I got home, I called him immediately and asked if he could also give tutoring in biology, because I pretended, especially in sex education is not really up to date. Of course, he immediately agreed and so we sit here now and have spent two hours the boring theory. What a dry cloth, while I sit here quite wet next to him. But now I want to apply the learned practical to the living "object", after all, I have everything explained in detail with sperm, fertilization and the actual act. I pretend that when I learn by doing, the whole thing is better for me, hihihi. I do not know if he believes me that way, but he does not resist, as you can see. Would you also have made yourself available to me if my services would be better?

I'm excited because today is my first day of my new job. But this anticipation does not last long .... He presses my work clothes into my hand. What should I really wear? I think for a moment, because it is really blatant what he expects from me. I want to do everything right. The first impression counts .... Therefore, I just overcome this work clothes ... As if that was not enough, it is getting more violent ... I just can not believe it!

Finally it was time and I was allowed to do my first prostate massage. For a long time I have informed myself and devoured a few books on this topic. I was a little scared that I hurt him or hurt him .... For me it was just a great experience with a lot of fun. What do you think about it? For the first time okay? Kissal Sofie

Stayed for a nice wellness day in a hotel just to relax in their spa. However, when I looked in my suitcase for suitable things for the spa, I found that I only had my new bikini. I suddenly found it a bit too sexy, so I called the receptionist to send me a spam worker and ask him if the outfit was ok. This was also prompt and was a little disturbed by my sight, but then gave the green light for my presentation. When I saw that he was embarrassed and pretty cute, I boldly got on my knees and freed him from his pants. What should I tell you, he was not so untalented, has pushed his cock in and finally pumped his whole load on pussy and ass! Pretty horny number, but look for yourself !! Kiss, sari.

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OH MAN .... I really need a vacation again !!!! In the hope that I can negotiate a bit better with my boss, I naturally put on a very short skirt. Only he is still in the office ??? I know that he has a lot of stress with his wife and therefore stays longer, that would be the opportunity for a special negotiation? Do not forget, if you liked the video then let me have a review there, Kiss your Hanna: ****

today it goes to the gynecologist for me .. actually only a Rutine investigation but at Dr. med. X I am today for the first time .. something strange as he scans my chest and then he constantly says when examining my pussy, how wet I am .. somehow weird .. I'm horny but not here ???. .. and now he pulls down his white pants and puts his cock just in !!! Somehow helpless and insecure I lie there now and do everything that the doctor tells me ..... doctor If you liked the video then I'm looking forward to your review: - *

Yes, the hotel bitch needs it today especially hard and horny! He realizes that today I need more, that I want to be used more. So he pushes neatly back into my pussy again, nice to the stop and then he orders me to lay on the bed. I open my horny mouth cunt and he puts his big cock in! As deep as it gets! Oh fuck! I go to my limits and keep my teen mouth open nicely. He shows me no mercy and lets me feel how hard his cock is. My eyes start to cry, but he should be satisfied. So I stop. Again and again, until it is enough for him and he drains his whole cum nicely into my face. What a violent session! Whether the lioness was tamed now? Or maybe there will soon be a little revenge? (Role playing game)

I was in the bathroom and wanted to get the tub ready then my nephew burst in. I asked him what he wanted, he just said that he wanted to take a bath. Then I told him that I also intended to do that. He wanted to leave then but I was so horny again that I could not keep my mouth shut and told him that we could both take a bath together, or even better before we take a bath we could have some fun. I then opened my bathrobe that he sees me naked and my big breasts are to be seen. At his glance I have already seen that he will not say no. Then I pulled him to me and grabbed his cock. I love it when a young cock fills my pussy. Hot…