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I was with my girlfriend again and wanted to spend the evening with her. But this time her boyfriend was there too. It is somehow hot and she really mustn't get out that we have had something together a couple of times. But this was really risky this time. She wanted to do something else, take out the trash or something, at least she's just out the door. And he was in the bathroom. In the bathroom, where I have often made it myself :-p I wanted to take the chance and went straight to him and knelt in front of him. At first he didn't really know whether to get involved, but no sooner did I have his cock in my mouth than his conscience was blown away. We secretly drove it together and to top it off he injected me fully. His sperm ran to me later when I was sitting next to her on the couch still in my panties - oops!

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I can hardly believe it! But first from the beginning: Today my step-sister and her husband have arrived. You want to spend a few days vacationing with me on Mallorca. In the evening, we decided spontaneously for pizza, so I looked for my brother in law, who somehow disappeared. I found him in bed, he said he was not feeling well because of the heat. And now it comes! I offered to send my sister to him, she could have helped him up again. And then he said that I too could stay with him! Oh God! Unbelievable and I even agreed! We did it in bed while my sister was sitting downstairs in the living room !?