Hi, I am Tamina and this is my first video for you. I introduce myself and tell you more about my passion. As my name suggests, I'm extremely on high heels and nylons and in my first video I wear, of course, particularly sexy heels. Watch me as I undress and rattle for you. Do you like what you see? Then just write me or look in the Cam over .... Maybe then I dare to show me soon more! Kiss your Tamia

Now my 2nd video is for you and here I dare already much more! On the way to the Oktoberfest I got a little bit horny and thought, that is a good opportunity to take off my clothes for you. Of course, I do not wear ordinary Dirndl ... that covers too much my long legs. I'm wearing a hotpans, a dirndl blouse and the famous heels with the red sole. Too bad that you are not with me and can help me undress ... so I have to do it alone. First the blouse, then the bra and finally the hot pants ... the heels of course stay on! I am pleased about your feedback to my 2nd video Kussi Tamia

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When I'm traveling like this in my tight coat I usually always feel like dirty things. As on that day when I am suddenly in front of this modern bank branch - here I just have to go in - wow is the newly renovated? Everything looks so great new and this great chair here? The missing but the certain cool smell of me. I put it first under Sophie's special water; P good I'm wearing under my coat only my hot underwear - because I can let it bubble directly from my pussy. Look how extremely pissed it is here now - really violent. Do you want to lick me dry? Or can I get from you now also a shower of natural substances here at the ATM? Come and make me really horny wet. Yes piss me from top to bottom on cool - the branch we have now marked with our fragrance :) as this morning probably morning will smell? P

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