Finally a really nice day to relax. I play my favorite game a bit and have invited a friend to my house. Of course, there is also a drink or two. Slowly it starts to press on the bladder with both of us. My girlfriend disappears into the bathroom and me? Oh great ... I'm not going to last long! 5 minutes later she is still in the bathroom and I really can't hold it now! Then I have an idea .. would it be too dirty to pee in my bright new jeans? Pretty messed up .. but I don't have much time to think about it, it already runs down my leg ...

Today has been such an incredibly long day for me. As soon as I'm home, I jump into the bathtub and let myself go. Dry off so quickly and off to bed - I thought! My roommate is actually already back in my bed. I was looking forward to the bed, but a nice little fuck doesn't hurt before. Well from "beautiful" was unfortunately harder than I could have imagined. Usually he is more of a softie but this time he gave it to me properly! He pulls on my hair, hits me on the butt, in the face and begins to choke me. WOW! I never thought that I would get so wet! He keeps going, faster and faster and chokes me more and more until I can't breathe and almost cry! For my good stamina I get a safe MEGALADUNG sprayed on my face at the end! WOW!

This day today started very crazy .. I knew he will end up the same way! I sit unsuspecting on the sofa in the living room and call relaxed with my mum to tell her about my disaster day. But apparently I'm not even here today rest: D Seriously because my perverted roommate comes around the corner and injected me in the TELEPHONE just in the face! I think I'm going crazy or .. how can you be SO brash? I'm literally speechless while he just grins and goes away ..

After 2 weeks business trip my roommate finally comes home. Actually, we were at 14 o'clock in my bed but now it is already 15 o'clock and he is still not there .. For an hour, I lie here so in my lingerie and now I finally hear my room door open. He took a really long time to come. Unlike me, he could not fuck the two weeks and I think he has a lot of pressure. He comes to my bed and the fun can finally begin. Then the disappointment .. after 2 min he injects me already his whole load in the mouth and I thought only: "Should that be all?". Luckily, he asks directly for a second round, which of course I will not miss. Madness what was waxed at the second cumshot for a hefty load in my face !! This is probably proven that he had really powerful pressure!

Soo, after I have finally unpacked all the boxes and furniture, I realize: somehow this does not fit together: D Definitely the living room table has gone! Shortly after I announce it, the first interested party, who wants to pick up the table immediately, answers as well. It can not be better, right? Well, I do not think so, when a stranger comes to my apartment, because I'm alone at the moment but will go wrong already. When it rings and I open the door, I already see that it is a very handsome, sympathetic young man. I show him the object of desire and suddenly he begins to fidget with this stupid table, whether it is really stable etc .. I'll show him how stable he is and put the table together with him a hardness test with him absolutely not counting! Well, then he seems to stop fucking and that's the most important right? As a thank you, I can still get his fat load in the face. Oh and the table is finally gone! juhuu :)

Since I moved, I have met almost no one here through the whole relocation stress. I am just on the cartons unpack and sort, many things are still stupid rum: D Last night I finally had time to celebrate nice and have taken a super cute guy home with me .. The night was just awesome and unrestrained! Now it is early in the morning, I lie in underwear on my new sofa and play around on the phone while the sun shines on my body. The guy rushed into the bathroom quickly and started to leave. Well, when I look up he is back in my living room and already has his cock outside .. Of course, I know exactly what he wants! So I start to blow his cock nice as the last night and then he wants more of me again. My sofa is not even a full day and it is already inaugurated, so it is right? He fucks me really nice and in the end I get all his juice sprayed in the face .. Wow that we had such a night, but was really much in his big balls .. PS: Sorry the mess: D

With me in the shared flat is currently a lot of stress, all arguing and constantly the house is full of strangers. That's why I'm soooo happy about the nice weather today. I can finally go for a walk in the woods around me, get some fresh air and enjoy the peace and quiet. Well, at least for a few minutes. When I close my shoe suddenly a stranger guy comes up to me and hits me on the butt! And as if that were not bold enough, he puts me even his cock just in the mouth! The man was so lucky that I was untervögelt, otherwise it would have really caused trouble. But horny as I am, I just could not say no. I suck his cock and then we look for a little quieter place in the forest to get started. I was so looking forward to a horny facial insemination but the guy has not endured it and I just sprayed everything in the pussy and even without asking :(

As you may know, I have never had sextoys and have never used any. That's why a dear user has given me 2 pieces. A vibrator and a small anal plug .. I'm so excited how it will be to use such a thing! Especially on the plug, I'm so excited. Whether it feels good in the buttocks? And then even fits the vibrator in my pussy? oh man questions about questions. But today I have nothing before and finally the time to test both out and show it to you naturally. I even put on extra lingerie and stockings for you, so I really like you. I start with the plug and stretch my ass. Then comes the vibrator and what should I say? I rarely had such an intense and great orgasm!

Today I enjoy the afternoon on the terrace of the hotel .. The sun is shining and I am sitting there in tight shorts and enjoy my coffee. The eyes of another hotel guest, who also enjoys a cup with his wife, come to mind the whole time. When she leaves for a moment, I take the opportunity to speak to him. We arrange to have dinner today, as his wife leaves already afterwards. So I'm sitting excitedly in my room and pretzel up a bit. Oh man .. hopefully I can seduce him despite his wife. Of course, I do not immediately let it be my intention, we just go "dinner: D I go to his room and knock on .. The excitement rises as he opens the door for me, apparently he has the same intentions as I, because hardly he opens it, he pulls me in. I kneel in front of him and remind him that he is married, but that does not seem to bother him at all.He enjoys my young body to the fullest In the end I tell him my secret : I have never swallowed sperm! But now it is finally time ..

My roommate has been on assembly for a week and I'm home alone all the time and do not know what to do with me. But today he finally comes back! I've missed him sooo, better said his cock (pssst) but also a bit: p .. I'm lying on the bed only in short pants and bra and read my favorite book. Then he is already in front of me .. to my surprise: splinter Faserackt: D He can probably think what I need after this week. I do not hesitate and devote all his cock .. Unfortunately we had to use a condom to our regret, because I forgot the pill yesterday. Super timing .. no matter better than not at all. Well, if only I had known how brazen he can be! After the hot sex, I was a little surprised how super wet I am. Until I reach out and realize that my cum runs out. Since the guy has actually sprayed me just ice cold in my pussy !! How can you be so bold? Hopefully nothing went wrong ..