I can barely breathe. The tears are shooting out of my eyes. My mascara runs down. The tail is up to the stop in my Fickmaul. I'm zerfickt and although to the limit of the enduring in my Fickmaul. He rammed the fat cock mercilessly and without consideration in and out and in and out again. I can hardly stand it. But I want that the tail squirts. Brutally he takes my head in his hands and uses me as a pure Fickopfer. I do not know how I endured this shoot. But I got even wetter with every hard kick in my throat. My God! Has this face fucking made me horny! Countless times I feel his hot juice run deep in my throat. But because of the effort I get along only marginally. Again and again he injects his hot load unrestrained in my hot Fickmaul. Almost the whole time he rammed his Ficklatte me in until it stops. That was by far the most blatant Maulfick or Deepthroat, which I have ever done.

Starring: Alexandra-Wett
Categories: Big Dick, Blowjobs, Deep Throat
Length: 3:53
Type: FLV


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