Seduced shortly before the wedding! (Noradevot)

Today is his big day! My ex marries! And honestly, I just can not stand his fiancé ... she's so overbearing and such a bitch! No idea what he thinks about her! The sex with her is certainly not as cool as he was with me! I'm on makeup right now when it rings. He is at the door and wants to discuss something with me. Because of the buffet for the wedding, because I took care of it. Ohman he looks so incredibly good in his suit .. I want to be so close to him again! I flirt with him, make him beautiful eyes .. We talk about old times and how much fun we had together .. and then it happens! I just can not resist! I spoil him, as I used to like to do. He grabs my head and fucks my mouth hard before he squirts all his load on my tits! Before we can realize what has just happened, he has to go, time is short, the wedding is over! Whether his answer will still be "Yes I want"?

Starring: Noradevot
Categories: Big Tits, Blowjobs, POV
Length: 4:21
Type: FLV


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