My first time! Public in the pool changing room UNCUT !! (Linn_Schulze)

I'm with friends in the pool and then we noticed directly the lifeguard. He is really sweet and a collective giggle goes through our girls round as soon as he is in our area. When I want to get a quick drink, I accidentally run into his arms. Oops, embarrassing, but he takes it with humor and we start talking. I'm a bit nervous, especially because I realize that my girlfriends have gathered at the edge of the pool and watch us ... He also notices and before I say goodbye he whispers to me: "in 10 minutes at the cabins?" I'm gone and torn, but finally I run out under the pretext of quickly having to go to the bathroom. There he stands. We scurry quickly into a cabin that seems to be occupied again, apparently still occupied. But we do not care, we quickly close the door. I look at him and then everything happens very fast!

Starring: Linn_Schulze
Categories: Booty, Public, Teens
Length: 3:20
Type: FLV


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