My first sex video and completely naked! (Linn_Schulze)

The tension rises, I'm sitting on the bed of a good friend and work colleagues and wait until he comes home. I've already heard that it was really stressful for him at work today and I thought maybe I could relax him a bit. When he comes in, I look at him with wide eyes and immediately go to work on his pants. Before he can say anything I'm already on my knees. In the beginning, I was really not sure if I should really do more with him. That he sees me naked for the first time okay, but equal sex? But as I kneel on the ground and realize how he is getting harder and harder, I throw all doubts and good intentions overboard! I kneel on bed and ask him to fuck me!

Starring: Linn_Schulze
Categories: Facials, POV, Teens
Length: 8:08
Type: FLV


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