Was a little keen on the new mine, actually I wanted with my sis only in the outdoor pool, am again briefly in the apartment to ask your new one if he wants to come, but he felt like something else. He went right under my dress to check my panties. My sis was already outside on the horn where we stay, but we were so keen on each other that we pervaded another hot number in the kitchen ..

I have a date, why? Well, it's the lust again Everyone knows that. I have made an appointment without obligation. But a mishap has happened to me, because of the stress of the last days I forgot to take my pill. Hm, all right. Then stop with rubber, even if I hate to fuck with rubber, And there he is, my date. I do not hesitate long and get straight to the point. I pull his pants down and start to blow his cock, it does not take long, then he is already, while I still pull the rubber out of my pocket and pull it over his cock. I bend down, so that he can look pretty deep into my pussy and I already feel his cock, as he suddenly penetrates my wet pussy, the feeling is cool and I want more of it, his jerking let my lust just rise ! He fucks me in doggy and on his back, then in doggy again. Fuck, that's cool! Suddenly he stops, he pulls his cock out of me, I look at his cock and see that he has no more gum, he just pulled it off and thrown to the floor! Not only that, he also inseminated me .. What a shit ..

Do you still remember my 2nd video? Actually, I wanted to show you how I spoil myself when I'm alone. Unfortunately, there was an unpleasant incident and I was caught! Today, all conditions are better. Storm-free and even someone who films it for you. So I start, I undress for you and spoil me. I just wanted to show you my ass, so you can imagine it with me too. Until it happened: I said a sentence and there was a big misunderstanding. Oh man, that was a different plan. But I still had fun;)

I really didn't expect it to turn out this way! Because actually we just wanted to relax and end the day on the terrace... but I had been so horny the whole day and didn't have a cock yet - and is there a better way to end a nice day than with a hot outdoor fuck in the warm evening sun? Of course he wasn't reluctant either, so I unpacked his cock and blew it hard! With his thick cock he then fucks me from behind! So horny how he thrusts his hard cock deep into my pussy again and again! Then I ride myself to a horny orgasm on his cock and he shoots his load in my cum hungry mouth and I swallow it all! That's what I call a good way to end the day!

Yesterday I was invited to a small garden party with my neighbor. With my tight summery outfit, I was of course quite noticed among all guests. But in the hot summer temperatures, I can not help but to put my beautiful, new breasts up and attract me pretty airy. I did not miss his eyes when I walked in to the garden and he first looked me up and down. I could almost feel how he wanted to pull me out right here with his eyes. But the party has just started. So we are flirting all the time, until I take advantage of the hour. He says he has to get something in the kitchen for dessert. I ask him if I could possibly help him with this, and we quickly steal away. Hopefully the others will not notice that we are busy with much more than just dessert;) Do not forget to rate the video with the STARS and leave a comment; * Kussi, Mara