Welcome to my new and frivolous quiz show! Public & genuine! As a prelude, I look around in my home town of Hamburg, if I can find suitable candidates! It goes like this: I ask 3 questions and want the best case correct answers, then there is a "Wixxer" .. the candidate is unsure, then just unfortunately "Nixx" :) Luckily I got on a Mr surplus party in a swingers club a worthy types found! The part has been as fat as a Coke can and has übelst stuffed my naughty mouth! SO I know my Hamburger Jungs :) Check it out & drop me a comment if you want to see more episodes of "Wixxer or Nixx"? Have Fun Kiss Tami

You like banging & hammering? But wishes you sometimes a video with a sexy bias brings you slowly but surely to the full length? HERE IT IS ! In hot lingerie I Räkel me on the bed for you, enjoy the sun with me, baby, because the same thing goes for :) hard he fucks me in my wet hole that my pussy just so flutters! Look at how he his huge beating until it stops without mercy just slams it as me, to me then to donate his Ficksaft without warning! DEEP THROAT! FUCK! FACIAL! What do you want more? GEILE PERSPECTIVES, A WIXXFREUNDLICHEN CUT & HAMMER IMAGE QUALITY backed with a SPEZIELEM TAMI FILTER? NO PROBLEM ! ALL THE YOU GET IN THIS VIDEO! Whenever you think it's not better ... it works! ;)

After a hard night at the hotel I want to actually get ready quickly for the work, since the tail says he wants to again! Fuck that, I think, and suck his fat lobe rumzuzicken empty without long! As befits a true professional bitch! Look at how I'll get him completely naked me! ! PREMIERE! :) I have not counted With what? The villain, despite the LANG DURCHFICKTEN NIGHT SO MUCH PRESSURE ON THE LANCE THE ER ME MY MAKEUP ..GESICHT ..AND HALF BODY vollsaut! SOOOO much Ficksoße I've already not seen! INCLUDED IN SLOW MOTION CUMSHOT!

They are still! The Big Dick, who has not yet seen my pussy! :) Soon I meet with a user who has a right ponytail, big and bold! Since I do not want to go completely off guard in the matter, I got me a giant inflatable buy .. to the maximum I want to feel the part in my pussy! It's like dynamite for my Fickfleisch! I guess blown up here is the right word, or? : P

After that night, I can say that I behaved like a really cheap BITCH! I let myself be towed away after the disco of such a Pumpertypen without thinking of the consequences! Pill? I do not give a shit ! Condom? I do not need it ! My friend at home? Remember! :) And last of all throw me the guy after the mega creampie in his dark basement just get out! I would have at least once to wash the pussy .... Whether what happened? :(

So können sich Pläne ändern... Frühlingszeit ist Draussenzeit aber mit meinen WG-Kollegen , Jonny B. & Mister H.war mal wieder garnix los !Den ganzen Tag nippen die an der Bierflasche & spielen Konsole.Die Sonne läuft ja nicht davon , denke ich & setze mich dazu, und trinke n Bier .. konnte ja nicht wissen was passiert !!! OMG !Unfassbar ! Woran auch immer es lag ! Paar Bier später lag ich auf der CHillercouch, breitbeinig mit Riesenschwanz im Maul !Da hab ich wohl den Mund etwas zu voll genommen ! :)Die beiden stopfen mein Loch mit ihren Riesenschwänzen und stellen einfach mal so einen ABSPRITZREKORD auf !DAS gab es noch nie !Tamara mit gesprengter Pussy, extrem Abgefüllt mit Sperma & sprachlos .) 5 x SPERMA ! CREAMPIE ! FACIAL ! BLACK & WHITE ! BIG COCKS ! UNGESTELLT ! ABWIXXGARANTIE ! :)

Jingle Balls, Jingle Balls ... Finally I get time to decorate the fir! Soon it will be Christmas! But the mess I got already;) After about its fir also has to be taken care of, so mouth, lance in! You like blowjobs? Spitting? Deep Throat? Ball licking? Swallow instead spit's my motto! So you put this pure & Take care again about your FIR)

Neulich sagte mir jemand, das am See ganz in der Nähe so weing los sein soll & man in ruhe Schweinkram machen könnte :)
Das lasse ich mir nicht 2x sagen !
Also geiles Wetter, los gehts .
Eigentlich wollte ich dir das Video ungeschnitten zeigen,
aber es kam alles anders !
Der Typ hat mir das Video versaut & versüßt :)
Schaus dir an !

Alle reden immer von diesem Oktoberfest, Weibern in Dirndl, und Männer in Lederhosen..
Mein User Erwin sagte eh, er hat noch was großes für mich ...davon musste ich mich selbst überzeugen !
Dirndl an, Navi an & los ;)
Was mich da hinter seiner Haustür erwartet hat war KRASSS & spritzte mehrmals !!
Der Prügel in Lederhose hat meine Pussy Zersprengt ! ..und mein Makeup zerstört ;)
Ob ich jemals wieder nach München fahre ? ..ERSTMAL GEHEILT ;)

Aah what I'm seeing? Package from Siberia! My Treasure Oleg sent! Content? Hot! Are you pants on, you & look you doing with Comrade ...;) Listen carefully, as I give you command! How do you say in your country? ..Dirty Talk! I want you wixxt your tail firmly! Forget not your balls! I fuck me hard, fast, faster ... Oh yes, that was a good UDSS (O) R-gasm! PS: Wixxer with Style & Humor! :)